So Annoying!

Hair flipping, mood swings and fidgety classmates: Declan on his pet peeves.

by Cassidy Eaton, grade 7, South Grenville High School

Declan - photograph by Cassidy Eaton

“I don’t have many pet peeves,” twelve year old Declan says. He then smiles. “But I definitely have a couple.” For the past two years, Declan has developed most of his pet peeves. Though they are just little things, he says they annoy him like crazy. Declan says that he tries to get away from whatever is causing his annoyance “at all costs.”

Declan is a seventh grader at Commonwealth Public School, in Brockville, Ontario. He loves sports (especially baseball), is a good student, and a seemingly happy kid. But of course, just like everyone else, he definitely has his pet peeves.

“There’s this one kid in my class. He always has the weirdest mood swings. One minute he’s smiling and laughing, and the next? Nobody knows what he’ll be like next,” Declan complains. He just doesn’t understand how somebody could change their mind that quickly. And don’t even get him started on foot tapping. It’s just so noisy to him. “There’s this one girl in my class- she’ll get up to do a presentation, and just start tapping her foot throughout the entire speech! It’s just awkward.”

Have you ever been in line to buy something, and then some elderly person just cuts in front of you? Most people wouldn’t complain, of course, because they’re elderly. But Declan thinks it’s just rude of them to just go in front of you like that, even though he agrees they should be treated gently. “It’s just mean to the people– kids especially.” He thinks that the elders would probably be angry if they were the kid in that position.

Then there’s conversing with people. “They either speak too quietly or too fast,” Declan sighs. He hates it– not understanding the person and having to ask them to repeat it, just because they were speaking too fast. He says it feels weird to him. And then there are shy people, who always seem to speak too softly to hear quite properly, making him confused as to what they really want. “I just can’t understand them.”

Declan’s biggest pet peeve is hair flipping. You know, that famous Justin Beiber flip? Declan thinks it’s ridiculous to snap your neck like that all day, especially when it’s just to seem cool. “People flipping their hair is just aggravating!” He then smiles sheepishly, his huge grin reaching up to the tips of his brown wavy hair. “Although, I do admit, sometimes I do it too! It’s not to seem cool or anything, my hair is just too long. Sometimes it gets into my eyes and I can’t see!”

He obviously has his share of pet peeves, but he’s not just some kid with a bunch of annoyances. Declan has some big dreams; he has always wanted to move to a big city- particularly Toronto. His dream job is to be management for the Toronto Blue Jays, and own red Ferrari. “I love Toronto. Probably because the Blue Jays are there.”

But, for now, he lives at home with his parents, sister, and younger brother in a house where he has to share a bedroom. Toronto will have to wait for a couple of years, and Declan will have to put up with his pet peeves. At least he has some friends to get him through. “Pet peeves bother me, but I know if I ignore them I can get through them.”

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