Interruptions with boredom (and covered in chocolate)

What other pet peeves does this young, stressed girl have?

by Katya Kukchanka, grade 8, Pineview Public School

Being interrupted, being bored, no chocolate: these are some of the many pet peeves of poor Ola Mobarak. There’s no escaping it. We all get those times when we can’t escape something that we annoys us.

Ola Mobarak is just a normal person who has a pet peeve similar to something that we all find annoying. “I’m in the zone and I want to get my stuff done,” says Mobarak. Like most people, when you’re doing something you like or if you’re trying to get something done then would you really want someone to disturb you? If somebody disturbs you, then it’s just the same if they go up to you and say “stop what you’re doing now!” That is exactly how Ola had feels.

“Being bored is total torture,” says this always bored female. “When you’re bored there’s nothing that you feel is right to do,” she continues, “and when you finally figure out what to do, you don’t feel like you want to do it anymore.” Ola has felt and done that, and she says that, “being bored with chocolate is even more of a pet peeve that anything else.” For Ola being alone without chocolate is almost suicidal, for she is a chocoholic. She is in love with chocolate but she refuses to go to rehab. Her maximum amount without eating or drinking chocolaty stuff has only been half an hour! “Sometimes, if there isn’t any chocolate around, I would go and grab a spoon and start eating out of the Nutella jar.” It’s almost impossible to separate misguided Ola from these sugary and chocolatey sweets.

What are your pet peeves? Everybody has them and certainly there is no one on this earth that doesn’t have a pet peeve. For Ola Mobarak, she definitely has some main problems but that’s not stopping this chick from doing what she wants.


About Meredith Dault

I'm a graduate student at Queen's University. I'm in my first year of a two-year MA program in Cultural Studies. I'm back in school after being away from it for awhile. This is a blog about the experience.
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