Around and Away: Rachael Remembers the Fair

by Kelli McKay, grade 8, Meadowview Public School

The rush of people and the smell of candy in the fresh breeze comes to her mind when she thinks about it: the first time Rachael’s parents brought her to a Brockville fair. Her first ride was an experience: the Ferris wheel. “I was afraid of the Ferris wheel at first but then I came around and it got fun,” she recalls. She was only three years old and was afraid of heights.

Rachael - photograph by Kelli McKay

The fresh breeze that whirled around the fair made the cotton candy smell more delicious, she remembers. “I got to eat cotton candy,” she says, “I have a picture with the cotton candy and it’s bigger then my head!” she says with a smile.  After the cotton candy, Rachael had to head home. “I was really sad that the fair left (town), but I got excited that they would come back.”

Now a 12 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, Rachael still goes back to the fair with her dad and her sister. She says it’s not as exciting now, but it’s still fun when it comes to town. There isn’t as much to do and the cost has gone up a lot since she was three. She explains that it’s just not the same because the rides have got worn out and rusty, and there’s always one ride that isn’t working, and yet it’s still always crowded.

She went most recently last summer. “It was during the day, so I could go on more of the rides and play more of the games. It was different with my sister there” she says.” We couldn’t do more stuff since (our family) could only spend so much money on each kid.”

“I still get cotton candy every time I go,” she says. But it’s not bigger then her head anymore. “My head has grown, sadly,” she says with a laugh.  Rachael has gotten bigger and the cotton candy has gotten smaller, and now Rachael can rides the Ferris wheel every year she goes. It’s a memory she’ll never forget.

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