A Lot of Pet Peeves

Cassidy has lots of pet peeves, but what caused them all?

by Declan Dawes, grade 7, Commonwealth Public School

Pet peeves. Everybody has them. But what exactly are pet peeves? Pet Peeves are small things that constantly annoy or bother you. There is one person I know who has some pet peeves.

Cassidy - photography by Declan Dawes

Cassidy has quite a few pet peeves, from people burping on purpose to people stealing her best friends. One example of a pet peeve that bothers Cassidy is people obsessing over a certain celebrity. “It really bothers me, like you don’t even know the person, they are just normal people,” she explains. “The worst is easily Justin Bieber. Everyone just loves him but you don’t even know a thing about him or what he is like.”

Another one of her pet peeves are when people are mad at you and they just come up to you and tell you about it. “I’m already certain that I did something wrong or something to upset them,” she says, “I mean, I don’t then need them to come up to me and tell me that they’re mad.”

Cassidy hates it so much when you say something rude to her and then say you’re just kidding. “One ‘friend’ of mine named Emily* will often come up to me and say something like ‘that shirt makes you look awful’ and then say ‘just kidding’,” she says. She can easily tell that the people are serious when they say the rude part and just covering the insult up with “just kidding” after it.

Like with people making rude comments, Cassidy also dislikes it when people older than her treat her badly, just because she is younger than them. “I just hate it when this happens,” Cassidy says. “It’s not fair, just because you are younger than them you can be treated badly? It’s like when you are at the store and a senior citizen jumps in front of you in the line. You tell them that you were in that spot and they say not to talk to an older person like that. I just don’t think it’s fair.”

Almost everyone says ‘like’ or ‘totally’ all the time, and this also gets on Cassidy’s nerves. “I really don’t like it, it is really annoying, but all my friends do it,” she explains. But she might have to get used to it, because she doesn’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Cassidy also does not like people interrupting her. “It’s so annoying. You’re mid-sentence and all of a sudden the other person just jumps in with ‘did you see the game last night’ or ‘did you get your homework done’? It’s okay to just change the subject after I finish but to just interrupt me mid-sentence, it’s just rude”

Cassidy has a few other pet peeves. One is when people burp on purpose. “There is one reason for that and that is because it’s gross,” she laughs. When asked about people burping by mistake, Cassidy said that it was gross but not as bad as people doing it on purpose.

She also hates it when people think they are so much smarter than you because of one grade you got. On one report card your friend gets a 90 percent in geography while you got an 80 percent. So because of this your friend acts like they are so much smarter than you. Cassidy hates it when this happens because it is just one part of everything that you know and it is no big deal.

Cassidy’s last pet peeve is when someone becomes best friends with your best friend. “I don’t really know why I don’t like it, it’s just like, it’s my best friend not yours,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy has so many pet peeves, but what caused her to be bothered by so many things? Is it her age? Is it one person who always does these things so now every time anyone else does them it bothers her? “I think it was my brother. He’s not so annoying anymore but he used to do some of these things every once in a while to bother me. Now whenever anyone else does these it really bothers me,” she says with a smile. Apart from all these pet peeves, there are lots of things that Cassidy does enjoy, like shopping, her kitten, horseback riding, chocolate, writing, reading, and  her town of Spencerville, Ontario

There are so many pet peeves that Cassidy has but how does she get through them? “I just ignore them or ask the person to stop, that usually works. It bothers me but someday I will get used to them and it will all be better.”

*name has been changed to hide real identity

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