Why Taylor should be the World’s best teen

by Olivia

Though  Taylor  may  be  quiet,  she  doesn’t  stand  back . When she has something to say  she  says  it,  and  if  you  need  someone  to  talk  to  she’s  there.  No wonder she’s been elected for the World’s best teen.

She’s everything you need in a friend and a Global Citizen.  One of her most recent goals is “to travel the World to help people in need.”  And to think she’s only 12 years old! Born in Mississauga and raised in Oakville Taylor wants to grow up to continue on with her passion of writing and turn it into a career.

Her hobbies are camping, she loves to be outdoors, swimming, and reading. She says “My favourite genre is mystery, I love the fact that you never know what is going to happen next.”

An organization she feels strongly about is the Humane Society. Taylor loves animals and has two pets of her own, a Labrador retriever , and a betha fish. In the future Taylor says “I want another Labrador retriever because they are so loving, loyal and Kind.

Taylor has always wanted to go to Paris “It such a beautiful city” she says “and there’s so much to see and do” Maybe if she ever gets to go she can start by making a difference in the little things over there, and even if it’s not a good trip Taylor always tries to make the best of every trip by always thinking of the positives, not the negatives. Although she tries to find the best in people Taylor can’t stand it when people are loud and don’t listen.

Now that you know more about her, don’t you think she would make the best teen ever? She has all these great qualities. So why not vote for her.

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Why Should I Choose Him? The Age Old Question Everyone Asks at an Election…

by Shelby Richardson, Grade 7, M.J. Hobbs

So we have the ongoing election for the “Best Teen in the World”, the standings are tight, but there can only be one winner. Who will you vote as the “Best Teen in the World”? The choice is in YOUR hands, but hopefully, you will read this and know who your votes going to. Here’s some information to start you off:

Dirk’s in Grade 8, he lives in Oakville, Ontario, he loves photography, writing and watching movies. He used to read a lot, but not so much anymore. He has a fear of murky waters and sharks because he watched Jaws when he was little. Read on to learn more!

Dirk’s the guy to vote for, and here’s why! He’s super musical; he plays 4 instruments, piano, guitar, drums, and clarinet. He may have a fear of murky waters and sharks but that would be silly if you let that rule your vote! This election is really on who you think has the best character traits and skills. Who’s really worthy of this award?

Dirk has many skills, that’s why you should choose him! He loves photography and he’s so skilled at it that he got a tremendously awesome Photography Award! And he’s gifted, not with presents, so he’s taking a course at Queens University! WOW! He loves writing so much that the course he’s taking is Journalism! AWESOME!

He doesn’t have a particular role model because he loves to be his own person, that’s something that not everyone would think. Maybe you can look up to him. He can be YOUR role model.

Vote Dirk!

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Detail-writing Exercise

by Amy Hannah Jones, Grade 8, Bliss Carman Sr.P.S 

What I See:

Beautiful, luscious trees surround a small meadow of grass waving in the wind. The tree branches bow to the arriving wind gods and the leaves tremble. The green bushes in the background mostly stay steady – the wind gods cannot penetrate the thick needles. The gods give up on the bush and look for something else to play with. It moves out of the haven of the peaceful field out into a square of some kind. It whirls up the purple silky fabric of a girl’s skirt as she attempts to smooth it down coyly. She smiles at the older woman next to her as she waves her diploma happily and smiles radiantly.

What I Hear:

Cars are moving and tires are screeching as they stop suddenly. A window of a car being rolled down and a scream of joy and sounds of rejoicing. People are talking: A girl is chatting happily and laughing with another woman, a guy is talking to his friends. A door slams and someone is once again greeted by a girl. The wind blows papers sending off a rippling noise. Feet shuffle and high heels can be heard pacing back and forth they suddenly stop and then the sound of heels become rapid as they move quickly. Embracing can be heard as the girl presumably hugs her waiting Mother.

Details of a Plant on a Tree:

The deep brown and light brown mix together. The roughness and toughness of it makes you never expect that such a dull place could have a smooth, lime green stem sticking out of it. The contrast of the two colours together is brilliant. The stem goes up and you can see a darker shade of green peaking out as it reveals to be a leaf. You see the veins go through the leaf as you see its angled up towards the sun’s brilliant rays. More leaves follow as you look farther up the 10cm long stem. At the end, many leaves at the top break the cycle of one leaf about every 1 or 2cm. It will continue to grow longer if the sun allows.

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By Keegan McEwen, W. H. Morden Public School

Have you ever been so mad at your brother or sister that you wanted to hurt them but not too much? Do you only have one eye and want to look cool? Do you ever get frustrated at your spaghetti? Do you ever get mad at your fork? Do you ever want a pet that does not require a lot of work and is small? Do you want to play an odd and original musical instrument? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need the new Comb-shifter! The new Comb-shifter is a torture weapon, one shuttershade, a spaghetti straightener, a mega huge fork, an animal and a musical instrument! So buy one now for only $9.99! But wait, if you call within the next 10 minutes, you’ll recieve a Mirror-noyer free! The Mirror-noyer is the newest thing in annoying people. Just put it in the sunlight and aim it at the eyes of the person you want to annoy. At Pointless-things-R-us, our motto is “it isn’t what it looks like, it’s how many different thing it does”. Wow! We’re going throw in another set of the Comb-shifter and  Mirror-noyer for free! That’s two Comb-shifters and two Mirror-noyers for the price of one Comb-shifter! So call now and make your life easier with products from Pointless-things-R-us.

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The Woman with the Infectious Smile

By Charlotte Smith, Northlea Elementary & Middle School

Barbara Bell pokes her nose through the door and smiles at us all. We smile back, as hers is infectious. Her dress is floral and her wild reddish brown hair frames her face.

She clasps her hands together in front of her starts telling us about how her local TV show, Page Turners, got started. She gestures wildly as she explains how she was working as an event planner for Chapters when a producer asked for her help in creating a television talk show where people discuss books. She had already worked on some local plays and done some producing, so the request didn’t come as a complete surprise. Neither was the fact that she went on to co-produce and host the show. This would somewhat launch her career, “Even making fans out four year olds!” She laughs, referencing to an incident in a local library she was working at where a four year old boy recognized her and proceeded to follow her around for the majority of his visit. “I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.” Bell says fondly.

As a writer (she’s written a play and has several books in progress), actor (she’s currently in rehearsal for a new play, Perfect Pie, by Judith Thompson), freelance editor, producer, soon-to-be script supervisor (her daughter graduated from film school and has enlisted her help on a short film), and TV journalist, Bell wears many hats, “But I love them all.”

She’s now the producer of WritersFest , in Kingston, and talks about it with pride. She’s confident when she talks, and you can tell she’s passionate about her work. This isn’t something many people are, so I find her attitude suitably refreshing, as well as intriguing. As my brain begins to mull over how she became this way, she answers the question herself, “My motto is reach for the stars, take every opportunity, and try, just try, but you have to try your best, otherwise it doesn’t count.”

I understand now. The sparkles in her eyes and the infectious smile aren’t just there for looks, they’re there because she made it that way. She worked hard, very hard, to get where she is today, and she’s not taking it for granted. “I feel blessed to be so fortunate, and to be doing what I love.” She seems to be planning her next move close to the vest, mentioning a book that may be published soon, a play she wrote and plans to act in, but she may be planning something even bigger soon, as she mentions research many, many times. Maybe I’m just speculating, but Barbara Bell isn’t done yet, not even close.


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The Phone That May Change Technology Forever

By Zoe V. Giontsis, Bliss Carman SPS

Technology had been advancing so fast in such little time. First the home phone, then the cordless phone, then the cell phone which then quickly upgraded to the Smartphone. These are all technologies that were popular in the past. Now, comes a new kind of Technology that can change technology forever, The Paper Phone.

Dr. Audrey Girouard (Professor of Computing at Queens University) has been developing a new piece of technology that she thinks will have a big impact in the future generation. “This piece of technology works by bending the sides of the phone in different places and ways” Girouard says. This project has been ongoing for 8 years and has cost over $7000 in construction and research. “This piece of technology is very flexible which makes it hard to find and create materials that are small and flexible, we also need to use basic parts of what a regular phone consists of but we need these materials to have a bendable and light weight attributes to them.”

This piece of Technology is still in the mass production of being advanced with the leates software and also with other features that have been seen in other technology tools and products. Girouard thinks that this product has a wait time of 5-10 years before spotted in the latest stores. This piece of technology may be next greatest thing that happened since the Smartphone. We will just have to wait and find out.

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The Most Important Part of a Character is their Voice

by Anna Hughes, Grade 7, Chine Drive Public School 

“The most important part of a character is their voice,” Barbra Bell told us near the end of our interview. Bell’s life has been a huge page turner. Bell is a free lance editor, an actor, writer and a TV journalist. She first stared in TV when she hosted an on screen book club, The Page Turners. It was produced by TV Cogco in Kingston and was an hour long.  Each episode two books and two people would be chosen. The visitors would have to read each book and come to the studio to have a discussion on the books.  Bells job was to choose both the two books read and the two visitors for the discussions. She would also make a list of questions to start the conversations. After her second season Bell decided she couldn’t put enough time into her show and made the decision to move on. This was not the first or last time Bell would perform in front of an audience. Bell is currently part of an upcoming play. She has also toured in a one man play. She says her upcoming project is being a script supervisor in her daughters play. Bell says she has a manuscript “in the drawer.”  She says she has been working on both a mystery and fantasy manuscript.

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